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In order to make sure that you learn Spanish as naturally as possible and ensure that you develop a real Latin American accent, these Learning Spanish lessons are all audio. That's how we all learned our native language. First we learned to speak it, and then we learned how to read it and write it.  And that's the proper way to learn Spanish or any other foreign language.

In the lessons you will be asked questions by the narrator. Be sure to make your response before the Spanish speaker. And then repeat after the Spanish speaker, making sure that your pronunciation and enunciation matches that of the Spanish speaker.

When you are able to get 80% or more of the responses correct you are ready to move on to the next lesson.

And remember . . . . Relax and have fun!

Save the MP3 Audio Spanish lessons to your hard drive to listen to it offline by clicking on your RIGHT mouse button and using the "Save Target As" feature. It is  important that you RIGHT click and use your "Save Target As" feature and download the MP3 Audio lessons to your hard drive to listen to offline. If you LEFT click the MP3 Audio lessons, the lessons may not download properly. You must also have a high speed Internet connection in order to download the Spanish lessons.

Get ready to start speaking real Latin American Spanish!

Lesson number 1 is below.

Lección 1 ("AR" Verbs in the Present Tense and Subject Pronouns)

Lección 1 PDF Transcript


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IMPORTANT NOTICE: The PDF transcripts should only be used as a reference. If you wish to learn how to think in Spanish and if you wish to develop an authentic Latin American accent, you should NOT do the entire audio lesson while reading the transcript.

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