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Jazmin Barrera

Learning Spanish Like Crazy Video Instructor

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Inside the Learning Spanish Like Crazy Method You Will Discover how to...

Learn Real Latin American Spanish; the type of Spanish you hear in Latin America and in the US.
Learn Spanish the same way you learnt your native language.
Learn Practical and Useful Spanish that you can put to use right Now!
Learn to communicate in Spanish with a college educated Latin American as well as the common Latin American person.
Learn Spanish at a natural pace with no tedious drills, boring exercises,  or boring memorization.

"Topics covered in Jazmin's 10 Free Video Lessons"

1. Geometric Shapes
2. Sexuality and Reproduction
3. Smoking
4. Religion
5. Multimedia and Computers
6. Jewelry
7. Materials
8. Make up and Plastic Surgery
9. Art
10. Business

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"Patrick, other programs I tried before subscribing to 'Learning Like Crazy' can only be described as inferior in comparison, to hopelessly inferior. I can only say good things about 'Learning Like Crazy'; the voices are clear and pleasant to listen to, the content relevant, the flow of topics logical. Customer service is professional and friendly. Thank you, and congratulations on your fine product. I can not remember ever getting a better bargain!"

  Frank Kalich
Software Engineer Lawrence, Kansas

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"Learning Spanish Like Crazy is the best method, by far, that is available to learn Spanish. Each lesson teaches you the Spanish nouns, verbs, and verb tenses that you'll need to be speaking Spanish quickly. I like that each lesson is about 30 minutes long, and you don't need to review a book or notes along with it. This way, I can take my mp3 player to the gym and complete a lesson each time I'm on the bicycle or stair-stepper. Or, I can listen to a lesson on my CD player while I drive to work. No other method is as convenient! I'm going to Mexico in a couple of months, and I feel confident in speaking Spanish with the locals, thanks to Learning Spanish Like Crazy!"

  Courtney B.
Charleston, SC


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