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I just sent you an email with Lessons 1 of Learning Spanish Like Crazy.  Listen to the lesson carefully. 

I will send you Lesson 2 tomorrow.

Here are the 10 Video lessons.  By the way, these videos were uploaded to YouTube to ensure that the video will definitely play for you.  If you enjoy the video and have a moment, please go and rate it on YouTube.


Video Lesson #1 - "Geometric Shapes"


Video Lesson #2- "Sexuality and Reproduction"


Video Lesson #3 - "Smoking"


Video Lesson #4 - "Religion"


Video Lesson #5 - "Multimedia and Computers"


Video Lesson #6 - "Jewelry"


Video Lesson #7 - "Materials"


Video Lesson #8 - "Make up and Plastic Surgery"


Video Lesson #9 - "Art"


Video Lesson #10 - "Business"



We hope that you enjoyed these online Spanish lessons. You can learn more about Learning Spanish Like Crazy Level 1 by clicking here.

Or click here for Learning Spanish Like Crazy Nivel Dos.

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